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Andrew Bain, Principal Horn LA Phil, founded Invested Musician, with Rupal Bain, MBA, during the pandemicbecause the industry was changing dramatically and he felt education was the answer. 

Together, they developed the 5-STAR Musician Mastery Method, which takes a comprehensive and real-world approach to professional development and education - helping musicians adapt and compete in this changing market.  

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is support. We both come from strong families and hope to now extend this same feeling of community to the people we work with - because we want you to succeed, feel supported and be happy.

Why we are here

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Why we are different

 Many people think talent is something you are born with.  I think talent is something you earn and cultivate through hard work, which also means I also believe anyone can make it to the top if they get access to the right education and are willing to invest the time and effort. 

You see, traditional education can only take you so far. Yes  - this profession relies on your ability to play artistically, but there is so much more to it. 


Musicians have to constantly be developing their artistry, relentless in their pursuit of opportunities and balanced in their approach.  No, the journey is not easy, but I can speak from experience - it is well worth it.  

I have won 7 auditions, played in major orchestras around the world and been featured in movies like Star Wars. I have also lost auditions, overcome performance challenges and dealt with rejection (like a lot). 

My dream now is to help  people like you get the inside track to the top, so you can save years making the same mistakes I did.  

Andrew Bain

I have been in education now for 25 years. My wife, Rupal, and I joined forces and started Invested Musician during the pandemic because we want musicians to be successful both artistically and financially!  We hope you'll join us. 

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