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It's time to thrive in your musical career! Our 5-STAR Musician Mastery teaching method will revolutionize your playing, advance your career, and grow your income — all in just 12 weeks.

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Musical and Financial Success for Classical Musicians


Andrew Bain

Principal Horn, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Founder of Invested Musician

It's time to overcome the challenges that are holding you back from your full potential.

You're a conservatory graduate, but your degree isn't paying off.

Or you play music at night, but you're completely dependent on your day job.


You're taking every audition that comes your way, but you're not winning seats.

Maybe you've had a few successes, and you want to make sure they continue.

Or you are a music educator, and you need fresh content to help your students.

You want to grow your income, but need help with the business and financial side.

You practice diligently, but you’ve hit a plateau with your music.

You play well — but you’re ready to push your limits.

You're looking to reach your FULL POTENTIAL.

"I’ve seen so many musicians struggle to reach their goals."

And I know what it's like because I struggled, too. It's been a long path to get where I am today — one filled with many obstacles.

Like you, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my playing — for the right education, the right guidance, structure, and motivation.
I couldn't find it...

So I built it.


Andrew Bain
Principal Horn LA Phil
Invested Musician Founder

What's inside the program?

Our proprietary 5-STAR Musician Mastery Method which helps musicians achieve success and grow their career:

Practice Effectively
  • Plan your best practice by working backwards from your dream goal

  • Adopt the 3 pillars of efficient practice: Musical, Mental, and Physical

  • Customize your practice plan using Andrew's proven methods for growth

Perform Consistently
  • Learn how to play your best consistently on stage

  • Immunize yourself against stress and distractions to become unshakeable

  • Create a centering routine that will ground you and give you confidence

Win Jobs & Auditions
  • Develop an audition-winning plan with our detailed 4-month strategy 

  • Learn how to assemble an impressive resume, bio, and application package

  • Aim for success on stage and put your skills to the test with a mock audition

Create Income
  • Learn how to market yourself to get more gigs and be a first-call freelancer

  • Create an offer for potential clients and grow your teaching business 

  • Learn how to negotiate, set pricing, and manage the financial side

Organize Time & Effort
  • Practice goal-setting exercises and achieve monthly goals (with our help!)

  • Set up accountability systems to keep you on track with our community

  • Learn how music and business intersect and how both support one another

Our 5-STAR strategy revolves around one more essential pillar: YOU!

We prioritize you and your success in two main ways:

1. Join a tight community of like-minded musicians. Sharing your goals with others increases your chance of success! Our community shares your values, and we come together to support each other like family.

Make our program work for you — learning content is self-paced, you can post in our community any time, and we only ask for ONE HOUR of commitment per week! You can do this on any schedule.

But the learning doesn't stop there.

We care about your success — so even after the program ends, you'll still have access to the lessons and course material

Our alumni are RAVING!


Daniel Omer

Former Principal Horn, US Air Force 
Private Teacher and Freelancer

"If you are prepared to invest in yourself and your musical prowess to a degree you never have before, enroll in the Invested Musician program."


Laura Chambers

PhD Student, Private Teacher
Principal Flute, London Symphonia

"At Invested Musician your goals and dreams are embraced and supported... I wish I had access to this program SO much earlier in my career."

Matthew Repucci.JPG

Matthew Repucci

Educator and Private Teacher
Freelance Trumpet Player

"This program is a significant financial commitment, but I can honestly say I am 120% satisfied... it has been inspiring, enlightening, and transformative."

Recent alumni have won seats or admissions at:

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Ready? Here's how it works.

Each month, we'll focus on a specific topic. Instruction and activities come in three easy steps:


Attend bi-weekly classes with world-class faculty and get customized guidance on your questions and challenges.

Schedule private lessons as needed to get the 1:1 support you need.



Dive deeper into the content with our video lessons, workbooks, and exercises.

Then, share best practices, discoveries, and achievements in our peer-to-peer community discussion group.



Implement what you've learned with monthly performance video submissions, a mock audition, and special challenges.


Get individual feedback on each performance from faculty and community!


Who are we?

Andrew smiling
Andrew Bain

President of Invested Musician

Andrew is Principal Horn in the LA Philharmonic and faculty at the Colburn School. He's played in top orchestras around the world, and  he's been featured in Star Wars and a variety of Disney films. He's been teaching for over 25 years and is passionate about education at all ages.

Rupal Bain smiling.jpg
Rupal Bain

CEO of Invested Musician

Rupal is a financial strategist and music business expert. She has an MBA, MS in Sustainability, and is a CRTP licensed tax professional. After seeing firsthand what challenges musicians face, she developed systems to help them simplify their lives, earn more money, and keep more of the money they make.

We founded Invested Musician because we saw a need in our community for a comprehensive, real-world approach to music education and career development.

Our faculty are here for you, too!

Get live coaching, video feedback and access to LA Phil principals and other world-class faculty

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In short, Musician Mastery...

  • Supports any musician ready to achieve peak performance and push their limits

  • Includes world-class faculty, live coaching, mock audition, private lessons and performance feedback

  • Program duration is 3 months. Next enrollment start date is Jan 1st

  • Includes performance training, audition preparation, practice planning, business coaching, and more

  • Requires about 1 hour per week of commitment

  • Packages cost between $997 - $3,797 USD depending on involvement level (payment plans also available)

  • Is first-come-first-serve registration — SPOTS ARE LIMITED

Ready to take things to the next level?

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This will be the best investment you ever make in your music career.

Let's get together for a
FREE Consultation
to discuss your goals, plan your success, and help you select the best package for you. We can't wait to help you to achieve your dreams!

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