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Fall & Spring MasterCourse

Achieving Musical Mastery: The Skill, The Journey, The Numbers

Achieving Musical Mastery

The Skill, The Journey,

The Numbers

and discover if this MasterCourse is the right fit for you


Andrew Bain

 Andrew Bain is the Founder of Invested Musician. He has had an incredibly successful career as Principal Horn, International Soloist, Recording Artist, Educator, Festival Manager and more. But - his career didn't start there. It was a long journey that started out with a discipline to practice and commitment to improvement learned at an early age.

  As he developed his skill, he set his sights high on landing a principal position at a top orchestra. He worked relentlessly towards this goal, made mistakes along the way and learned a lot in the process.

 After, winning 7 orchestral positions on 3 different continents, holding teaching positions at 5 different academic institutions and playing Principal in films such as Star Wars, he knows how to effectively (and profitably) be the solution employers are looking for.

  Under Invested Musician, he is helping others unlock their full potential in their music careers. This coupled with Rupal Bain's expertise in business, finance and tax provides an innovative and integrated solution for the classical music industry - unlike anything else.

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An Integrated Experience

Change within the classical music is inevitable. Building a skillset that will help you compete is a necessity. 


Invested Musician has designed an innovative and integrated music and business Mastercourse to help you navigate change and elevate your career.  Join us for the Fall & Spring MasterCourse!



  • Dates: Sept 2020 - May 2021

  • Instruments: horn, flute, bassoon, cello, clarinet and trombone musicians of any level. 

  • Zoom online, templates and worksheets

  • Private lessons on demand

  • Performance and Technique classes

  • Practice planning, Audition Prep

  • Business, Finance and Tax Strategies

Here's a glimpse of what we'll do together. 

  • Push the limits of your capability with support from world-class musicians at the peak of their careers 

  • Overcome physical and mental barriers that are preventing you from playing with confidence

  • Recognize your unique strengths and build a plan to grow your income

  • Develop the systems you need to manage finances, taxes and the administrative side

  • Create a plan for your career that is guided by a diverse group of faculty all invested in your success

 This MasterCourse is for you if...

Your playing would benefit from instruction from 6 principals of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

You struggle with performance anxiety and mental adversity

You want to learn how to work through personal injuries or other physical concerns

You want to build a website and learn how to leverage social media to your benefit

You want opportunities to perform and develop with faculty, peers and mock auditions

You want to learn about arts administration and leadership

You want a plan for your career and support in how to achieve your goals

“I’ve never taken a course like this before.  It has encouraged me to experiment and take risks with my playing while simultaneously putting these lessons into practice. This is all incredibly valuable and has shown me a completely different perspective than what I have been exposed to before.”

Bridget Conley,

Tubist Student at Vanderbilt University

 Learn from world-renowned artists and industry experts 

How the mastercourse is structured

Basic shape

Professional Expertise

Learn key skills like practice planning, goal-setting, performance planning and audition preparation.

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Mental Training 

Understand the mental game and learn how to still perform at your best in stressful situations. 

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Arts Administration

Learn the ins and outs of how arts organizations hire, fundraise, program and work with artists. 

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Performance Masterclass

Perform excerpts or solo pieces and receive direct feedback from various faculty as well as peers in a supportive environment. 

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Business Skills

Build skills to help you navigate the financial side of your career including website creation and managing a teaching studio. 

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Live Coaching

Join Q&A sessions with Andrew Bain and others to get your questions answered and reinforce learning.

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Technique Class 

Work through specific techniques, positioning and fundamentals of your instrument to enhance your playing.

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Private Lessons

Build on technique or work on a special project with direct 1:1 support with faculty on a consistent and ongoing basis.

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Physical Therapy

Understand your anatomy and how to avoid physical injuries during practice and performance.  

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Mock Auditions 

Get a chance to put your skills to the test with mock auditions judged by our.

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Excerpt Upload and Review

Practice recording yourself, using technology and equipment to share with the community and receive feedback from faculty and peers.

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Business Q&A

Q&A session with Rupal Bain to ask all your questions, reinforce learning and get direct 1:1 coaching. 

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