Our Approach

    Our learning model is rooted in the element of “Why”.  We paint a big picture and work our way back towards today, developing a game plan for both the music and financial sides of your career. Our mastercourses utilize a continuous improvement methodology that not only helps you build and create but also implement and test. We know learning the material is only half the battle. The real key to success is in practical application and customization for what works best for you.  Let us be your guides. 

The Skill

Develop the tools and fundamentals you need to enhance your playing in the practice room and on stage.



Music Making

Active Listening


The Journey

Build professional skills and knowledge that will help you progress your career and expand your horizon.

Career Planning

Practice Planning

Audition Preparation

Mental Training

Injury Prevention

The Numbers

Learn how to market yourself for opportunities, save on taxes and improve your financial position.

Income Creation

Business Planning


Budget & Financials

Personal Brand 

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