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Musician Mastery Program

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Orchestra rehearsal


This innovative and cutting-edge Program teaches musicians how to reach their full potential both musically & financially.


Does this sound familiar?

You struggle with performance pressure and mental adversity


You want to learn how to find new opportunities and market yourself 


You want to learn how to get more results from your practice


You want a plan for your career and support in how to achieve your goals

You want to win more auditions but are just not playing your best on stage

You want a compelling bio, resume and website, but don't know where to start

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What people are saying

Daniel Omer

Daniel Omer

Former Principal Horn, US Air Force 

Private Teacher and Freelancer

If you are prepared to invest in yourself and your musical prowess to a degree you never have before, enroll in the Invested Musician program.

Laura Chambers

Laura Chambers

PhD Student, Private Teacher

Principal Flute, London Symphonia

At Invested Musician your goals and dreams are embraced and supported... I wish I had access to this program SO much earlier in my career.

Matthew Repucci

Matthew Repucci

Educator and Private Teacher

Freelance Trumpet Player

This program is a significant financial commitment, but I can honestly say I am 120% satisfied... it has been inspiring, enlightening, and transformative.  

What we will do together

1 - Overcome the challenges that are holding you back

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Performance Training


Learn techniques to play your best on stage and in auditions.

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Practice Planning


Reach your goals faster with our proven practice plan and methodology.

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Mental Training


Overcome performance stress with a personal on-stage toolkit. 

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Audition Success


Advance at your next audition with our four-part winning strategy.

2 - Create a future filled with opportunity and fulfillment

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Create a plan to reach your musical, career & financial goals.

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Learn how to position yourself to get called for more opportunities.

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Teaching Studios


Find your unique offer, set prices and make customers happy.

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Learn how to network, build new relationships and deal with conflict.

3 - Manage your financial and administrative side

Marble Surface

Business Planning

Learn how to plan for your financial side and grow income.

Marble Surface


Learn where and how to make yourself known in the industry.

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Job Applications


Improve your chances of winning jobs and getting hired. 

Marble Surface


Learn how to budget, plan and save money on taxes. 

Austin Larson

Any serious musician who wants to achieve their full musical potential should really consider this course.

It is fantastic, inspiring and really stimulating and also a lot of fun.

- Austin Larson, 3rd Horn Baltimore Symphony

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