Fall/Spring Program

Achieving Musical Mastery

Ready to make a serious investment in your career and take your playing to new levels?  Looking for a way to stack the odds in your favor? Then, this MasterCourse is for you. This innovative program has been designed to deliver results on your playing while teaching you how to build a successful career both musically and financially. Graduates of this comprehensive education program will have the skills they need to go out in the world and make their dreams a reality!

Summer Program

Playing in a Top Orchestra

Unsure about what the future holds?  Want to feel inspired and motivated as you build a career that is financially stable?  Then, this program is for you. It's designed to jumpstart your playing and expand your career with engaging, informative and relevant course content for today's changing market. Graduates of this program have an advantage on their peers and will be better equipped for the future.

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