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Golden Steel Plate


I have  learned so much about the  horn, what I need to do to be successful, but also how to be happy and healthy. 

Emma Shaw

Emma Shaw, Horn

Undergraduate, University of Rochester

I’ve never taken a course like this before... it has encouraged me to experiment and take risks like never  before

Bridget Conley

Bridget Conley, Tuba 

Undergraduate, Vanderbilt University

This year I made it into my university’s top ensemble, despite being in the bottom ensemble the last two years. The program totally shifted my approach. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to participate and learn from you and the IM faculty!

taylor krause.jpg

Taylor Krause, Horn

Undergraduate, University of Toronto



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Golden Steel Plate
Bob McClure

This course shows you how to win an audition, set goals and make each dollar count.  Great for anyone concerned about making a living as a musician!

Bob McClure, Horn

Freelancer and Business Owner

I honestly don't think there are many other courses like this. Rupal and Andrew are super organized and both of them have real life experience that very clearly works.

Lisa Ford

Lisa Ford, Horn

Principal Horn, Gothenburg Symphony

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